Consortium Books is not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. That’s probably everything you need to know.

If you feel like reading more, though, I’ll be happy to tell you more.

Our publishing group is just a small subset of the Consortium, Inc., a non-profit arts cooperative based in Oklahoma City. The Consortium features two dozen artists working in various media, including a handful of long-time novelists.

Consortium Books represents those novelists and the other artists needed to bring their books to market. We’ve got photographers and painters creating cover art, professional editors reviewing manuscripts, technical writers designing final document layouts, graphic designers building covers, and programmers working on custom publishing software to tie all this stuff together. It’s all very cool.

It’s also still quite a lot of work for a bunch of volunteers helping each other out. We have several active novelists, but just our top two have enough books in their backlists to keep Consortium Publishing running non-stop through the end of 2013.

We’re not your average publishing company. We exist to train up and publish our own writers, not to profit off the works of others. We might still have something to offer you.

If you’re a writer looking to get started and willing to consider indie publishing, take a close look at our business model. We built the Consortium on a shoestring budget, a lot of hard work, and one really good idea: artists are better when they work together.

Develop some strategic relationships. Make friends with a painter or a graphic designer. Find someone who really knows his way around HTML and CSS to code top-notch e-books for you. Start a little consortium of your own, and find out just how powerful interdisciplinary arts can be in today’s market.

Best of luck!