TEEN Agents in The Plundered Parent Protocol (TEEN Agents Casefiles, #1)

By Joshua Unruh.

Mourning, Noone, and Knight. These girls fight evil 24/7!

Best friends Elly Mourning, Hea Jung Noone, and Saturday Knight are about to celebrate their thirteenth birthday. But just before the party starts, a small army of robots descends from the skies led by a mysterious and handsome boy, ruining their party and kidnapping their dads!

Now their fathers are missing and presumed dead. Nobody believes the girls about the robots, nobody believes them about the handsome boy, and nobody believes them about the kidnapping.

Nobody except the Teenage Extranormal Emergency Network, that is.

But before the girls can save their dads, they have to impress TEEN’s director enough to join the agency. To do that, they have to survive tests and death traps. If they manage that perilous task, they only have to outsmart one of the world’s greatest teenage secret agents and a power-mad ten-year-old bent on world domination…all without letting a cute boy come between them.

If the job were easy, they’d send grown-ups. Lucky for the world, this is a job for TEEN Agents.

TEEN Agents in The Plundered Parent Protocol is available exclusively for the Amazon Kindle:

The Plundered Parent Protocol is the first book in the TEEN Agents Casefiles. Approximately 60,000 words.