The Original Dragonprince Trilogy (The Dragonprince’s Legacy)

By Aaron Pogue.
The History-Making Trilogy In One Volume!

Because YOU Demanded It!

Discover the breakout bestseller that thrilled a hundred thousand readers and launched an unknown author’s career. Aaron Pogue (Oberon’s Dreams) brings you the generations-spanning tale of Daven Dragonprince, a young man ready to pit his life, skill, wits, and magic against pure Chaos in order to save humanity…because no one else will.

The first two volumes, Taming Fire and The Dragonswarm, tell how Daven rises from humble beginnings as a thief’s son, a beggar, and a shepherd to become a warlord feared by dragons and kings alike. But in the third volume, The Dragonprince’s Heir, we’re introduced to Taryn, Daven’s son. With Daven missing for over a decade, only Taryn can stop a war that will leave the world his father saved in a shambles.

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to the swashbuckling world of heroism, magic, danger, and dragons than this collection! Thrill for the first time or return to enjoy Daven’s stories all over again. Either way, you’ll enjoy a few choice extras such as a new afterword from the author and all three previous covers.

The Dragonswarm looms and all civilization stands in the balance! Do you have the courage to stand with Daven and his heroic comrades against this world-smashing threat?

The Original Dragonprince Trilogy is available in digital format from these retailers (trade paperback coming soon):

The Original Dragonprince Trilogy is a collection of novels from The Dragonprince’s Legacy. Approximately 350,000 words.