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Still Waters

Things have been a little quiet around the website lately, but that’s not to say the Consortium’s been quiet. Quite the contrary: we’ve all been way too busy to talk about it.

That goes double for me. Last time you heard from me, it was just a little press release announcing the release of Gods Tomorrow — forgivably, I figure, because most of you understand how much work that was.

It was also something of a last-minute accomplishment before the monster that is National Novel Writing Month moved into my life. I had a mighty successful one — featuring the conclusion of the third sequel to Gods Tomorrow, which I look forward to publishing early in 2012 — but it was everything I could do to keep up with absolutely critical responsibilities. Pleasant diversions like blogging, watching TV, hanging out with friends and family, and even talking with friends and family all got pushed to the back burner.

Which is to say, Dec. 1. Read More→

Consortium’s Courtney Corner

Nearly two months ago, a few days after my last Consortium post, my husband and I went on a week-long vacation to Colorado. Much fun was had by both, especially the husband…

…enough so that, three days after we got back into the nitty-gritty of regularly scheduled programming, he quit the job that has been making our lives miserable for the last several years. Read More→

Consortium’s Courtney Corner


About six weeks ago, I began painting what was to be a three-piece series of unconventional self-portraits as a challenge to my own artistic skill. Oil painting is one of my great joys in life; still, my written art usually takes precedence over my visual art, so I suppose I’m slow (by some standards) in completing a visual piece. When Aaron sent me the detailed description of the first painting he’s commissioning from me, I was about 1/3 finished with my first self-portrait.

Since I had promised Aaron that his cover art would be one of my main summer projects, and since I made that promise before embarking upon my adventures in self-portraiture, I am putting the portrait project on hold until further notice. This past week, I completed my painting-in-progress, thereby freeing my easel to receive the canvas upon which Aaron’s Taming Fire cover art will find its visual expression. Read More→

Consortium’s Courtney Corner


tr.v. thwart·ed , thwart·ing , thwarts

  1. To prevent the occurrence, realization, or attainment of: They thwarted her plans.
  2. To oppose and defeat the efforts, plans, or ambitions of.

[Middle English thwerten , from thwert , across , from Old Norse thvert , neuter of thverr , transverse ; see terk w - in Indo-European roots.]

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

In perusing the preceding definition of the word “thwart,” you will, perhaps, notice the example sentence contained therein:  “They thwarted her plans.”  Indeed, they did.  And she isn’t very pleased about it. Read More→

Consortium’s Courtney Corner

In my first “Courtney Corner” post, I talked about my desire to live aware and with intent. Thoreau called this “living deeply and sucking the marrow out of life.” That image has appealed to me ever since I first read it. It’s such an apt reaction against the shallowness and tastelessness we humans so often resign ourselves to, believing (erroneously) that we have nothing better to hope for.

I want deep life, and I want the marrow.

This week, unfortunately, a four-day migraine hampered me from getting what I wanted. The better part of two of those days, I spent on the couch; the remaining pair did not exactly shine.

Nevertheless, accomplishments did take place. Read More→

Week in Review

It’s been an absurdly busy week, and that’s nearly all because of the Consortium. It’s been productive, though! And more fun than you might guess.

As a matter of fact…I’d say this post deserves a checkmark for every single one of the categories I’ve got so far. Which is to say, I’ve got something to report for each of the Consortium’s initial schools of art.

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