Our Big Debut

Last Saturday the Consortium made its big public debut with an art contest and silent auction at the Oklahoma City Arts Center on the state fairgrounds. The City Arts Center is a sprawling facility designed to host art shows, and we gave it an art show worthy of the space.

Everyone in the Consortium contributed to the event in major ways, but we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Board Secretary Trish Pogue and Director of Fundraising Liz McElroy who ran the event planning committee. They did all the research and planning, made the most important arrangements, and coordinated the efforts of more than a dozen of our artists who pitched in.

And all that planning paid off! Saturday was a huge success, with approximately 75 guests who attended our three-hour event. Together we discussed the art on display, we snacked on a spread of tasty treats, we enjoyed a handful of creative performances, and we raised money to support the arts. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

The Art Contest

Back in February we opened up our art contest to submissions from local artists in a wide range of media. On Saturday we displayed 14 works from our finalists.

The contest submissions were judged in each category by Consortium members and local professional artists. The winning pieces were:

  • In Sculpture: “Prick” by Joshua Dreyer
  • In Photography: “Rig After Rain and Hail” by Sean Madole
  • In Watercolor: “Gentle Power” by Nicole Johnson
  • In Drawing: Untitled by Joshua Dreyer
  • In Poetry: “Oklahoma Fall” by Polly Pat Rogers

We also invited all our guests at the event to vote on their favorite pieces for the People’s Choice award. The award for that one went to our photography winner, “Rig After Rain and Hail” by Sean Madole.

The Silent Auction

We also presented a silent auction featuring works by Consortium Artists and select works donated by friends of the Consortium. The silent auction included paintings, photographic prints, an illustrated poem, and a handful of other creative works.

  • David Henderson won an untitled work by Rebecca Campbell
  • Donna Henderson won an untitled work by Rebecca Campbell
  • J. T. Hackett won “Angel of the Morning” by Courtney Cantrell
  • Kay Weger won “Forever in the Lion’s Eye” by Courtney Cantrell
  • Sean Sanders won “Portal: Enter, Please” by Courtney Cantrell
  • Judy Cail won an untitled decorative wall hanging by Liz McElroy
  • Dianna Huddleston won an untitled decorative wall hanging by Liz McElroy
  • Michelle Gaddie won “Reflection” by Julie V. Photography
  • Alison Charboneau won “Cubes” by Trish Pogue
  • Karla Charboneau won “Puddles” by Trish Pogue
  • Chris Charboneau won “Autumn Colors” by Kay Weger

All told, we raised over $800 from the silent auction alone.

The Entertainment

The afternoon also featured three performances, including

  • Two songs by our photographers Julie and Carlos Velez (on ukulele and guitar)
  • The hilarious skit “Who’s on First?” performed by Sean Sanders and Thomas Beard
  • And the classic piece “They Call the Wind Maria” by professional opera singer Bill Weger.

All three pieces were performed without microphones, props, or any kind of stage, and each one was compelling in its own way.

The Final Tally

The event was an unqualified success. We raised over $1,000 in support of our mission, but more important even than that we showed off the incredible skills and abilities of our artists. We demonstrated to our guest (and to ourselves) just what the Consortium is capable of, and we built a strong foundation for our future efforts in the community.

Thank you to everyone who participated or attended! It was an amazing day for everyone involved.


  1. They called the wind “Mariah”. (sorry, my Spelling Nazi is showing)
    I wanted to bid on Courtney’s Forever in the Lion’s Eye… but when I saw her Mother’s name, I decided I shouldn’t fight for that.

    So glad that the show and auction were successful!