Aaron Pogue’s New Release Notifications Are Moving

Author photoHi, all! This is Aaron Pogue, author of the Ghost Targets series, the Dragonprince’s Legacy, and the Godlanders War. You’re receiving this email because (at some point, possibly in the distant past) you signed up for a mailing list notification whenever I release a new title.

The website I was using to manage that list is no longer really in operation, so I haven’t been too good about keeping it up to date. There might be some new titles available since you signed up (I’ll provide a list below so you can check easily), but the main reason I’m writing is to urge you to switch your subscription to a new service–one that will send out updates automatically without waiting for me to remember, and one that will provide you a much smoother (and prettier) process for finding my new books at your favorite store.

Please, click the following link and sign up for my New Release Notifications through Books2Read:


I apologize for the trouble, but I assure you that you’ll find this service to be a marked improvement. Once you’ve subscribed to the new list, you can unsubscribe from this one. But you don’t really need to; I don’t think you’ll receive any more emails from this list at all.

Thank you–a thousand times, thank you–for signing up in the first place. My readers are some of my favorite people; you’ve made my life wonderful. I look forward to trying to return the favor with every new book I release.

In the meantime, here’s the promised list of the books currently available:

World of the FirstKing

Ghost Targets

Oberon and the Godlanders

And (one more time), here’s the link you’d need to click to keep receiving New Release Notifications: