Two New Releases in Epic Fantasy!

Consortium Books is proud to announce the digital release of two new epic fantasies.

Rethana’s Surrender by Courtney Cantrell

Rethana’s Surrender is the debut epic fantasy from Courtney Cantrell.

Rethana Chosardal’s life in hiding is over, and she has no one but herself to blame. A foolish choice leaves her in the power of the same vengeful clerics who slaughtered most of her family when she was but a child. Worse, the soldiers also seize her best friend and her frail little sister.

Allasin, the clerics’ leader, recognizes in Rethana the Blessing of comori, magical energy that can manipulate the elements. Rethana has always craved the power her birthright can bring, but Allasin will only teach her if she serves him in intrigues she cannot hope to understand. Yet this cold, cruel adversary gives her glimpses now and then of a warmer soul–of a master she could fall in love with.

Rethana is torn between two men: the hometown protector who loved her as a girl and the conqueror who loves her as a woman. As civil war threatens, Rethana must choose between her power and her past. Knowing that a reckless act has already cost her the life she once loved, this new choice may well tear her fragile heart apart. How much more will she surrender to protect her precious, dying sister?

Rethana’s Surrender is the first book in the Legends of the Light-Walkers. Read more.

The Dragonprince’s Heir by Aaron Pogue

The Dragonprince’s Heir is the much-anticipated conclusion of the bestselling Dragonprince trilogy.

The dragonswarm is ended. Fifteen years after Daven Carrickson rebuilt legendary Palmagnes, the civilization of man is once again safe from reptilian menace. But the long years have taken their toll. The Dragonprince is ten years missing, mighty cities still lie in smoldering ruins, and the kingdom of the Sarianne is broken. Hoping to rebuild his old dominion, the jealous king now brings an army to the Tower’s very gates. And whom should he find waiting but the Dragonprince’s son?

Born in cataclysm and brought up in the sheltered comfort of Daven’s stronghold, fourteen-year-old Taryn remembers little of his father and knows even less of the world. But Taryn knows what he is owed. He demands the king respect him as the Dragonprince’s heir…and quickly learns how vulnerable his family is without Daven to protect them.

Dragged off with his mother as a hostage to the king, Taryn comes to understand that his pride imperils everything his parents sacrificed to build. To redeem their legacy, he must forge a new path for himself.

On his own, Taryn will learn that being a hero means enduring much hardship. He will learn that his heritage brings grave responsibilities. He will learn what it means to be his father’s son. But he has to do it fast, or he will lose his mother…forever.

The Dragonprince’s Heir is the third and final book in the Dragonprince Trilogy. Approximately 100,000 words. Read more.